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looks great in both directions to and from town and does i-95 and the capital beltway in maryland. in virginia, i-395 looks great leaving town, continuing on to southbound 95 in virginia and westbound 66, you don't see that every day at this time. no problems to report so everyone have a great evening. back to you. >> you too, dave. well most students in northern virginia head back to school tomorrow. that includes the city of alexandria, arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william counties. fairfax county is the largest school system in the area, with more than 170,000 kids. and some are heading back to construction sites. beechwood elementary in falls church is undergoing a major expansion. the principal said the whole thing will be worth it in the end when they have a brand spanking new facility. for students it's a mixture of anxiety and excitement.
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>> who is excited? >> i don't have to do football every day. >> so you're tired of football? and you're exciting about homework and reading and writing and math? >> no. >> well hopefully most kids have thur supplies to go for backpacks. but some families waited until the last minute. we found some frustrated shoppers leaving stores empty handed. >> reporter: the countdown to the school bell underway, it was a last ditch effort to buy supplies. >> i went into the store to just get composition notebooks and pencils and there aren't any. >> were you shocked? >> yes. i was very shocked. >> reporter: his mom said it's a good thing, that's the last thing her son needed. >> there is almost nothing left in there. it's pretty picked over. we came here, i can't remember if it was this target just about ten days ago and it was hard to find the stuff we
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needed. >> reporter: other moms were wishing they hadn't procrastinated. >> why did you wait until the last minute? >> we just had a busy summer. >> reporter: the maddens are heading into the 7 corners target where they will find some items on the list. >> baby wipes and ziploc bags and tissues. >> what do you think of some of those items sh the fact that you have to buy tissues and that kind of thing. >> not really because i teach as well and it saves the teacher money. >> reporter: this boy has the supplies waiting for him at school for a company that does it for him. >> instead of coming to the store, the school will supply and all we do is send the check in and it's all done. >> aren't you glad? >> oh, i'm happy and he's happy. >> reporter: the target manager doesn't apologize for running low on school supplies. he said the surge was last weekend. and in fact they've changed over the seasonal items from back to school to halloween. what should i be?
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a witch? or a pirate? do your homework or i'll make you walk the plank. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> she also said students may by grumbling during lunchtime because they cannot buy chocolate milk. because their provider could not eliminate high fructose corn syrup, it's off the menu. fairfax's new healthy lunch overhaul removed salt from food production and lunchroom tables. devon is here with your 9 future forecast first. what will it be like starting tomorrow? >> i think temperatures down in the mid to upper 60s. that is outer suburbs. northern virginia, way out west. and as you get closer into the more densely populated areas, falls church, alexandria, arlington, then we are looking low tore mid-70s. so not a bad start. plenty of sunshine in that complete outlook. maybe sleeves weather for some cooler areas. right now temperatures still beautiful here tonight after a
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warm day. 87 in fishily, here in washington. and hotter tomorrow and then we need to talk about a chance of rain. i'll talk about that in our complete forecast in a few minutes. we have a reminder about a commuter alert. for metro, five stations on the redline staying closed for track maintenance but the takoma, forest glenn, wheaton and glenmont stations are scheduled to open tomorrow morning in time for the rush hour. the tuesday after labor day is one of the worst traffic days of the entire year as the rest of the children across our area head back to school. congress goes back to session and summer vacations are wrapped up. if you're driving in tysons corner, you're going to find a new traffic pattern waiting for you tomorrow. the eastbound lane as long route 7 between the dulles toll road and route 123 have shifted to the right. and you can no longer turn left in the middle of a block in tysons, now you can only turn left at intersections with
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traffic signals. it is part of the dulles metrorail project. employees at the discovery chanel are expected to return to work tomorrow. a gunman armed with explosives sparked a hostage standoff. workers were able to go back in on thursday to collect belongings. james lee was shot and killed four hours after he held three people hostage. none of the hostages were hurt. today was a holiday for most people but not at the virginia department of motor vehicles. the line formed early this morning outside of the dmv in alexandria. it's one of 14 locations across the commonwealth open this labor day. employees are working o.t. to clear a massive backlog of applications after a statewide computer system crashed for 11 days. >> i'm happy because i need to take the license. i've been waiting for so many weeks because the server was down for so many days.
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>> i would rather be sleeping in and preparing for cookouts, but i'm here. >> the dmv in alexandria closed at noon but fair oaks was open until half an hour ago. extended hours are in effect next weekend at select dmv locations. still ahead, a new experimental cancer treatment is turning patients hair white, but it is saving their lives. details on this strange side effect coming up. a barn fire in charles town, west virginia, claims the lives of race horses. coming up, hear from the people closest to the animals.
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for the third time in eight days, the university of maryland college student has been attacked in college park. students are being assaulted and robbed, mostly after midnight near campus -- in the most recent attack, a student was at warwick road where he was beaten up and robbed by four attackers. place say it's important for victims to report the crimes immediately. >> in this last incident, the victim failed to notify police until approximately 12 hours after the incident. >> police made two arrests and have a warrant out for another suspect for an attack on three
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students near the clarion hotel on august 27th. a barn fire killed two dozen race horses in virginia. many people risked their own lives. but still the loss is being felt by the entire horse racing community. >> it was like a towering inferno. could you see the timbers all through the stalls and there was horses still kicking in there. >> reporter: these horses escaped, but many others did not make it. barn owner ken gray tried to rescue as many as he could around 4:30 in the morning when the blaze started. >> i thought i might catch on fire because the heat was so bad. >> reporter: all of the horses kept here are thoroughbreds. owners race them at charles town race track. horse trainer don popper put his life on the line for the animals. >> you talk to them and let them hear their voice. other horses knew you were there and wanted freed and the
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thought of you not being able to go back into the barn, it eats you. >> if it weren't for the owner, a horse trainer and a casino employee who rushed to set the others free, the devastation may have been horse. >> horses were running loose everywhere. >> reporter: the charles town independent fire company tells us the fire started in the first barn but that it's too early to determine the cause. three old wooden designed barns burnt very quickly. >> when we arrived on scene, there was fire blowing out of the roof 30-50 feet up in the air. >> reporter: the loss is hurting everybody involved. >> basically it's a money business. you rent it to win what you can win, but on secondhand, after you're around them you become attached to them and they're like family. >> it's an emotional loss and most of these people here will never recover. >> reporter: in charles town, west virginia, alex trevino, 9 news now. >> the west virginia state fire marshall is handling the
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investigation. damage estimates are over a million dollars. about 40 horses were rescued from the barn fire. an australian boy has quite a tale to tell after a bizarre attack at a zoo in syndey. he was invited to be part of a stage show. but seconds after this photo was taken, lexy the sea lyon snapped. she mauled the 11-year-old's stomach and back. the crowd screamed, one woman fainted but jack stayed cool. >> it wasn't a big deal because i couldn't feel it. my sister was crying. i didn't know why. the seal sneezed on me and i had fish guts all over me and i think it smelled the fish and wanted to eat me. >> well zookeepers rushed to rescue jack. they still don't know what got into the sea lyon that day. she still performs at the zoo but lexy won't be getting up close and personal with people until further notice. our weather couldn't have been more spectacular this labor day weekend.
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will it stay that way into the workweek? devon has your complete forecast. but up next, the president pitches a new plan to jump- start the economy. is it enough to keep democrats in control of congress? we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] progress.
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now that's progress. visa. currency of progress. president obama hit the road this labor day to introduce new programs he hopes will boost the faltering economy. at a union rally in milwaukee, the president unveiled a $50 billion proposal to rebuild 150,000 miles of road, construct and maintain 4,000 miles of railways and reconstruct 150 miles of airport runway. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around and put people back to work. >> labor day is traditionally the kickoff of the fall election campaign season. and this week the president will unveil new economy-fueling
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plans which he could -- which he hopes will help bolster democrats in danger of losing their seats in congress. local politicians took part in labor day festivities in our areas. candidates for political office were among those marching in the kensington labor day parade and festival. hundreds lined connecticut avenue to check out the school bands. police, firefighters and other local organizations were out there this labor day. the city of gaithersburg celebrated the end of summer with their labor day parade this afternoon. you could see fire engines, marching bands, giant balloons, horses and clowns and others entertaining parade-goers in the streets. and this week on bruce johnson sits down with the two candidates for d.c. mayor. our coverage begins tonight at 11:00 with mayor fenty and his wife michelle. she talks about how painful this campaign has been for her family.
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>> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> arrogant, stubborn. >> absolutely. it's very painful. >> you can see bruce's full interview with adrian and michelle fenty tonight on 9 news now at 11:00. an environmental activist who wants plastic bags banned set up an eye-catching display at dupont circle. it is made up of 45,000 plastic bags. look at that. the activist, andy keller, said this represents the number of plastic bags the average american uses in a lifetime. >> the main point of doing this is to show that there isn't this magical place called away. when you throw your trash on the curb, it doesn't just disappear. plastic bags last for 500 to 1,000 years in nature. and most people only use these things for maybe an hour or a week at the most. the kind of message is we're using a lot and take a look at it and think about, is it really necessary that we use
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this much. >> keller plans to set up his bag monster against tomorrow across from the washington monument. he's been traveling across the country to promote his cause. spectacular weekend day after day. >> picture perfect weather. maybe the only downside is ragweed is way up. >> you can start to feel it now. >> i was doing the weather forecast last night and i was try doing itch my nose. we got to 87 today. near 90 degrees tomorrow. and then we have more fall-like air spilling in behind a front that might bring us a shower. so let's check out the next few days. wednesday morning, bright bring a sprinkle. we're near 90 tomorrow. then thursday, there is the fall-like air back again. and friday could be better as we hit 78 and low temperatures will be 50s. that's in the district. 40s for outer suburbs. it will come your way. the rest of the evening pushing down to the 80s and 70s and the south breeze is very light. not quite as cool as this
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morning, but temperatures about 58-59. downtown district we're about 64, 65, 66 degrees or so. a south breeze will pick up in the afternoon tomorrow. 10-15 miles per hour. so a bit breezy, maybe bringing back a slight touch of humidity, it's not going to be bad. we've been bone dry the last few days so any kind of rush of a slight bit of humidity, you will notice that. 83 our official temperature here in washington. still 70s showing up in gaithersburg up to baltimore. and easton at 79, down toward the pax river naval air station, 87. and culpeper still warm at 84 degrees this evening. right into the 9 future cast. here is the south winds that pick up on tuesday. again, it might bring a touch of humidity back into the forecast. you'll notice the temperatures near 90 in many cases. wednesday here is the front coming through. our 9 future cast shows by 8:00 maybe a sprinkle to a shower. i think it's as late as mid
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morning. 10:00 or 11:00. but the cold front will pass through and we get some strong winds and that lusher in the cooler, drier air as we head into the weekend. you'll see it in the seven-day forecast. might hit 90 degrees in a couple of places. college park, maryland. don't think that's out of the question. even down toward arlington on the virginia side. even falls church area. 87 wednesday as i think cooler air with the front passing through in the morning, there are the mild temperatures into the weekend. lows into the 50s in many cases too. outer suburbs will be into the 40s. saturday maybe a chance of rain into the outlook. i'm keeping it out right you no. we may have to add that back in. but right now the best chance is a couple of showers holding off until next sunday and maybe off until next week. that's your complete forecast. >> thanks a lot, devon. an experimental drug to treat advanced melanoma cancerment it is on the fda fast track for approval. and while only one in five patients respond, when that
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does happen, some of the results are stunning. >> look at you. >> reporter: gavin mcgraph is only 51 but hi hair is white and he couldn't be happier about it. >> i said oh, my goodness, this is great. i'm alive to see it. >> reporter: the new jersey teacher's dark hair started turning white several months ago as a side effect of an experimental drug to treat his stage four melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. surgery and chemotherapy didn't work and he was running out of time. >> all of my options had been tried and i felt this was the best opportunity and i was willing to do it because i figured i had nothing to use. >> reporter: the drug is ipy for short. it added nearly a year or more to lives of patients. it works by supercharging the body's immune system. the patients who were treated here at nyu whose hair and eyelashes turned white had
7:22 pm
their cancer tumors shrink completely, giving them their lives back. >> this is clearly your immune system that is attacking the melano sites. his favorite color is now white. >> i'm only 38. i shouldn't have white harriet. >> reporter: but this woman admits dying her hair is something she can live with. manuel gullegos, cbs news, new york. >> the fda is expected to review the drug in september. september 10th cbs will participate in stand up to stand up to cancer, a televised campaign awareness here at 8:00 on channel 9, so join us. and we want to remind you about a very important campaign. the great hang-up. an effort to get everybody to
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stop talking and texting while behind the wheel f. you've been effected by a distracted driver on a cell phone, we would love to share your story on the air. can you tell us about it by going to the great hang-up page at or by calling 202- 895-5960. 9 news now will be right back.
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if you live in alexandria, you're city is home to a champion buffalo wing eater. sonia thomas won a wings eating contest. the local competitor, named black widow, ate 5 pounds worth
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in 20 minutes. afterwards she managed to eat another 20 more in another contest and she's tiny. what is this about? for more on this story, log on to and look for the blue box in the middle of the home page. then click the change button to find news in alexandria and 52 other communities in our area. it's all about where you live. that's our report. see you tonight at 11:00.
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who beat cancer. this is "entertainment tonight."
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>> michael's brave battle today. >> the big thing you always worry about is if it's spreading. i'm head and neck. >> the stars who fought for their loves and won. >> i'm going to be okay. >> christina applegate, olivia newton john. >> i'm here and i feel very lucky to be here. >> love on the set. bradley and renee, zack and vanessa. hollywood affairs, from the sound stage to the bedroom. then, behind the scenes on a soap opera wedding. >> from the audrey hepburn dress. what could go wrong? >> nba rick fox wearing tinker bell wings. >> the many lives of david hasselhoff. could he be the dark horse to win

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